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Welcome To Disposable Heroes. We are currently Raiding icc 4-5 times a week and are recruiting any and all 80s to gear up and raid.

We have 200+ members
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Webiste back Again

Jandradyth, Sep 14, 10 1:28 PM.
People have been asking about this site and I figured that we have enough active members now to where we can really benifit from using this site. Please make sure you sign up on the site so you have forum access.

Well be acutally doing ToC10 Tonight at 6st.

Jandradyth, Jun 23, 10 12:44 AM.
no fucking around. We are getting this shit done. Please show up and if you dont know the fights watch the videos

Obviously were going to be starting TOC 10

Jandradyth, Jun 22, 10 7:21 PM.
cause blizzard is fucking slow. try to be on at 7 st if possible

TOC Tuesday Night at 6 ST.

Jandradyth, Jun 22, 10 12:05 AM.
Im hoping to do a full clear of TOC10 tonight so we can do 25 man on Wednesday. If you dont know the fights Watch the Following videos.

NR Beasts

Lord Jaxx

Faction Champs


and anubrekhan

EOE tonight

Jandradyth, Jun 21, 10 5:43 AM.
doing EOE for the Frozen wastes title. If you dont know the fight please watch the video posted below.
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